University Greek Life breaks stigmas during recruitment


Photo courtesy of CHarger Bulletin/Sadara Funches

Melissa Rubio, National Panhellenic Conference, West Haven, Feb. 8, 2023.

A new semester calls for new members. Many Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are undergoing a recruitment process in search of new members by tabling and doing meet-and-greets. Panhellenic sororities such as Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sig) and Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA) held tables to interact with the student body and get people to sign up for recruitment.
Gabriella Onofrietti, a sophomore interior design major and sister of ASA, outlined the rewards of tabling, saying, “Probably just …getting new members and … seeing their perspective and … why they want to join,” said Onofrietti.
Onofrietti also said that joining their sorority is “a great way to put yourself out there and also to get more involved. And it’s a great way to make friendships.”
Rebecca Lovatt, junior health sciences major and education chair of Phi Sig, was enjoying her time at their recruitment tabling in the Bartels Campus Center. “There’s a lot of foot traffic. So we get to talk to a lot of people,” said Lovatt. Phi Sig’s table was near the entrance of Bartels, which allowed Lovatt to talk to as many people as possible.
Joining any RSO on campus can be a commitment to some, so hesitancy from prospective members was to be expected. “I think that a common consensus would definitely be that everybody was nervous,” said Lovatt. “But once you kind of try it, it works out for the best and it’s nothing to be afraid of.”
Students are likely hesitant to join sororities and fraternities due to the stigmas built around them such as hazing and intense activities. The university has a “strict anti-hazing policy,” which defines hazing as “any action taken or situation created which produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule,” and outlines what is prohibited during recruitment for sororities and fraternities. “We really emphasize that that’s just not good,” said Lovatt, who also mentioned the anti-hazing workshops that these organizations go through.
Lovatt mentioned the values that Phi Sig promotes for prospective and existing members, which include “faith, friendship, love, integrity, sincerity.” The education chair went on to say, “We really promote being women of substance, character and influence.”
Bethany Demarco, junior criminal justice major and public relations chair of ASA, discussed some of the questions brought up when they table. “Usually just [questions about] what we do, what we’re about, and how we’re involved on campus,” said Demarco.
Demarco said that for some of the sororities, such as ASA, the tabling is the first step for recruitment. “So just for this week and last week, all of the sororities have been doing tabling,” said Demarco. “But next week is our actual recruitment process, so we’ll be doing a whole week of open houses.”
The Interfraternity Council previously held recruitment during the week of Jan. 30 and the Independent Greek Council held recruitment during the week of Feb. 6.
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Delta Phi Epsilon’s Ari Munger (left) and
Libby Dyson (right) tabling for their organization, West Haven, Feb. 8, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Sadara Funches. )