K-Pop dance group is “a step closer to starting something different”


Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Charlotte Bassett.

Members of CKDC rehearse, West Haven, Feb. 2, 2023.

“K-Pop was the diversity I wanted to bring on campus and have several students enjoy this dance form,” said Len Diamond, a sophomore mathematics major and president of the Charger K-Pop Dance Crew (CKDC), a new Recognized Student Organization (RSO) at the university . Starting last semester, the CKDC is now a family of 14 members and is continually working towards further growth. When asked about the motivation behind starting the K-Pop Dance Crew, Diamond shared anecdotes about his high-school days.

As a new addition to the university, the CKDC is set to offer exciting opportunities for the club and university students. Diamond is elated to see how things will unfold this semester. Apart from the showcase near the end of the term, he has planned several goals that he aspires to accomplish in 2023. “As we are a recent RSO, many people still do not know about the [Chargers K-Pop Dance Crew], and though they wish to, they might have missed out on being part of us when our auditions were held. However, we certainly wish for everyone’s entertainment and indulgence and would love to interact with a larger group,” he said, “To achieve this, I plan on hosting open workshops and classes for the dance enthusiasts of our university frequently. Besides this, the K-Pop Dance [Crew] Club is open to collaborations with other RSOs, and we would love to join in the events and activities on campus. In fact, we recently were invited to an event where students could come and create their own [do-it-yourself] K-Pop crafts. It was an exciting start as we got to network and spoke with an expanded group of members.”

Diamond further opened up about his experiences as a founder of an RSO and stated it to be a lengthy process. Moreover, he talked about aligning schedules and listed this as a challenging task, saying, “It is difficult managing everyone’s schedules together, but we are now on a set routine which makes me happy. We practice Mondays and Thursdays [after] everyone’s classes, and I am delighted to see the response I have been getting so far. On days when someone misses their practice, we help the individual by sending them our recordings. It is good to see all the members doing well in this journey of the K-Pop Dance [Crew’s] early days.”

Indeed, in any group or organization, friendship makes a huge difference. Diamond agrees with this thought and believes in communal harmony. His goal of having a fun, friendly and like-minded group of students practicing together is being fulfilled in CKPDC.

“At K-Pop [Dance Crew], we do not believe in being strict with our members. However, we consider the importance of discipline, punctuality, and leadership and implement those in our organization. I feel overjoyed to see everyone’s friendship here, which makes our practice sessions more fun,” he said. “What I appreciate the most about our club is that we give everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their ideas and choreography rather than sticking to the conventional or a set pattern. We all provide each other with equal learning and growth opportunities, strengthening our bond as a group.”

As the founder and president of the CKDC, Diamond is exuberant in exploring the valuable opportunities that will come his way for his remaining two years at the university. He aspires to see the CKDC gain a larger reputation even after his graduation and is adamant about making this dance club a noteworthy choice for many K-Pop and dance enthusiasts. Diamond is content with the support he received throughout setting up this RSO and continues expecting the same for years to follow. He was joyous upon thanking the university and is on his journey to strengthen the club’s marketing, along with their executive board [e-board]. Diamond believes this club is his safe space and works in unison with the e-board members to fulfill the marketing goals and needs further. The club is open to suggestions and collaborations and can be contacted via email at [email protected]. Follow the club’s every day activities by looking at their Instagram, @unewhaven.ckdc.