A commitment to freedom of speech

As a news publication, we hold to the idea of free speech and we try to serve an important role in offering it to all.

Every week, our Opinions section strives to be a microcosm of the public discourse going on in our communities. These reflections are meant to challenge and push the reader’s thinking, and sometimes that might be upsetting. Our hope is that discussing these opinions, whether we personally agree with them or not, will drive readers to consider the argument and look beyond the conclusion. It is that conversation that can create change more than anything else.

As an Editorial Staff, it is our responsibility to step away from our bias in favor of open conversations. In a world of divided news networks, this is the core of what it means to be an impartial organization.

This leads to difficult conversations as we strive to reach decisions about what is wrong or right, and when choosing not to publish something is for the greater good. If an opinion crosses into hate speech, then we reserve the right to decline a piece to protect our audience from certain harm.

We also reserve the right to publish what might be a controversial piece, and as such readers reserve the right to be upset about any opinions they read. But a different side does exist. Opinions with which readers don’t agree should drive those readers to question why those opinions exist and the social conditions that bring about such a conversation. Understanding these conditions and having these discussions can foster growth rather than build barriers, but we must be open to these discussions even when they may at times be uncomfortable. We must go beyond sudden reactions to create real progress. As social media drives us to isolation through screens, this can draw our humanity together to form interpersonal connection rather than external division.

The Charger Bulletin will adhere to our beliefs and the belief that words and opinions have merit, regardless of whether you agree with them. We will not publish inherently harmful or violent ideas but we will provide a forum for members of society to have fruitful discussions. We abide by the First Amendment and will continue to do so as an Editorial Staff.