World Hijab Day “highlights the importance of hijab for women in Islam”


Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Sadara Funches.

Farrah Omar, Youssef Ossama and Secora Chambers (left to right) stand at the MSA World Hijab Day table, West Haven, Feb. 3, 2023.

Tabling done by Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) throughout the academic year is one of the ways that these organizations are able to interact with the student body. The Muslim Student Association (MSA) took that tabling approach for World Hijab Day on Friday morning.
“World Hijab Day is very important because it highlights the importance of hijab for women in Islam and in our religion and why they wear it and how it could be empowering,” said Youssef Ossama, a junior marketing major and vice president of MSA. “And it also kind of rebuttals the construct that some people believe that the hijab is to oppress women when in reality, or to Muslim women, is usually to empower them and give them the freedom of choice to choose to either wear it or not to wear it.”
The tabling consisted of MSA members talking about the hijab and handing them out to passersby. The MSA vice president went on about the success of the event. “People from all colors, religions, races, nationalities came to the table to try them on,” said Ossama. “And it was a great experience, I feel like everyone enjoyed their time and learned new stuff. We had multiple people tell us like ‘oh this is so beautiful’”
“It looked like it went pretty well since they ran out of hijabs like two hours before they were supposed to be finished,” said De’Andra Hall, a junior hospitality major and member of MSA. “A lot of people did like going over there, asking questions about it and taking photos with the hijabs on.”
Hall, who is new to MSA, talked about what made this particular tabling stand out. “This one I really like because it is interactive with the actual table; because most of the table events, they’re kind of just people talking at you.” Hall said, “You can ask questions; you’re actually interacting with the people that actually know more about hijabs and what they mean.”
Ossama talked about ways for people to educate themselves more on hijabs and hijabis, who are Islamic women who wear hijabs. “I’d recommend that you actually speak to a hijabi woman and ask her what it means to her and why she wears it. And I think that will bring a lot of insight,” said Ossama. The MSA vice president also recommended doing research online and talking to a Muslim person if they want to learn more about the religion.
The World Hijab Day table is just one of the many events MSA is holding and participating in. If you want to find more MSA events, check out their Charger Connection page or their Instagram page.