Cast Your Vote NOW!

The most important thing you can do right now is vote. Nothing will impact your future, career, family, or education more than voting.

The power to change the future for yourself, and others, is at your fingertips. There is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be going to the polls to vote for the change you want to see in the world.

Young people have had a tendency of not voting in past elections for a multitude of reasons. In an article entitled “12 Young People on Why They Probably Won’t Vote,” published on NYMag, reasons range from the “disillusioning experience” in the 2016 election, to feeling uneducated about elections in general.

If enough young voters head to the polls, then this negative feeling can be crushed. It may feel like the vote of one person doesn’t matter, but your vote is contributing to a larger picture where equality, education, and freedom are valued.

According to the, “Though unemployment rates have declined and millennials have found their footing in a new economy, policy change and reform in areas affecting college students, such as debt forgiveness and healthcare, are as crucial now as they were in the 2008 election.”

Voting is crucial because it’s not just potentially changing your own life, but because it has the power to change another person’s life as well.

It can allow immigrants to receive equal opportunities in a country where anything is possible, and it has the power to elect leaders who will fight for equal rights between men and women. Voting can impact the lives of millions who need healthcare coverage, and protect thousands of children from being ripped away from their parents and put in cages. Voting has the potential to enact positive change to every single person you see everyday.

As relatively new voters, we have the power to influence the future in every way we see fit. It is our civic duty as newfound voters to express our opinion in a way that can advance our society for the better.

To exercise your right to vote please visit this link:

There, you will find information on voting in your state, how to register to vote, and more information about our government.