Cash Cube

Michelle R Morra

SCOPE’s Promo Week had great events to show the university what they do.  One of the events during the week was the Cash Cube brought to you by the Day Programming Committee.  They were giving away prizes left and right.

Many students showed up to the Alumni Lounge on Wednesday, September 7 to grab themselves some great dorm room and school supplies.  Each student was given twenty seconds in a box filled with money that, when turned on, flew everywhere around them.  The objective was to grab as much money as they could in twenty seconds and try to get a piece that said PRIZE on it.  When they came out, SCOPE checked each piece and whenever a piece showed up with PRIZE on it, the winner got to pick from some great choices.

There were tons of great choices that helped students add the finishing touches to their room or get some supplies that they might have forgotten.  Among the choices were toilet paper, garbage cans, cleaning supplies, school supplies, bathroom mirrors, and much more.  They even gave away a chair and an ottoman.  It may have only been twenty seconds, but the prizes were well worth the effort.

The Day Programming Committee does a lot of these events during the day.  They do events where you can win prizes, get items to decorate rooms, and a lot of novelties that can be used for presents.  So come in between classes twice a month and get some free stuff; Day Programming would love to see you.