Caribbean Student Association Shows Off Student Fashion


The Caribbean Student Association held their annual Spring Fashion Show on Friday (April 14th). Students gathered in the North Campus Gymnasium, where a runway, colored lights, balloons, and decorations for the concrete jungle theme were all set-up and ready to greet them. The fashion show was just one event celebrating Black and Latino Alumni Weekend.

The audience consisted of many students, but also a lot of alumni from the club and families of the current club members that attended the event.
“This event is a great way to get the UNH community together and show creativity of students on campus, and to have a good time sharing the designs,” said Staphin Codio, Treasurer of CSA.

The event started out with models entering the runway with the flags of the countries they claim as home draped over their shoulders. Then, the hosts of the night came out on stage and hyped up the audience and announce the designers that were going to be featured.

Various designers were featured throughout the night, one being DesignsbyOK. The models walked out in male and female pairs, walking the runway in a variety of denim pieces. When all the showings were done, all the models came back out and the designers walked through and waved at the crowd.

Another designer featured was Taty, who presented a theme of culture. Her pieces focused on the African Culture and featured models in pieces that were colorful and authentically patterned that brought back their African roots.

Student models were not the only student performers in the show. During the show there were students painted to be prop pieces, acting as jungle creatures attempting escape from the decorative cages. These students occasionally walked through the aisles while other students featured designs on the runway.

“I think that it is a really unique event that allows students to express themselves in ways that we don’t usually see. I think fashion is a great way to express yourself. I enjoyed seeing the various designs,” said sophomore, Shelby St. Clair.