Captain’s Catch: A Slice of Vacation


We all have been on vacation to
the beach: wind in our hair, sounds of the surf crashing up on the shore, and
of course, fresh, homemade seafood from a local vendor. If you have been living
under a rock, you probably should be informed that we are really, really close to the beach. So we get the
sun, the surf, and the fun…but where’s the seafood? It’s closer than you think.

The Captain’s Catch in Milford is just a hop,
skip, and a Frisbee game away from campus, and provides fresh seafood and chow
that is…well, it’s just fantastic.

The restaurant offers a lot for
those with a fancy for the sea creatures. With a large menu that compromises
fish, scallops, shrimp, clams, and lobster, including fried platters, chowders,
and soups. Did I mention they have three types of clam chowder? THREE! I didn’t
know that there were three types…it was awesome. Oh, and it’s all delicious.
Whether it is fried or baked, the seafood is obviously fresh and well prepared.
Nothing is pulled out of a box or a bucket. Either way, it tastes great and is
affordable, which is always important to the ever present poor college student.

For those not inclined to eat
those with gills, the Captain’s Catch also provides a wide assortment of
burgers and dogs for your roasted land mammal pleasure. My personal favorite
was the Firehouse burger. Basically it’s your typical burger smothered in hot
sauce…your taste buds will never be the same.

As any adventure on the beach, a
dessert is a must, preferably a cold one. I’ve never tried frozen custard
before, and it was an ordeal that I would recommend to everyone. Captain’s
Catch provides multiple unique flavors, like Pina Colada and others, in the
assortment styles of sundaes and milkshakes.

All in all, the Captain’s Catch
in Milford is a
great place to relive the summer, even when you know you’re in the dusty halls
of academia.