BSU Presents Wild ‘N Out

Wild ‘N Out, hosted by the Black Student Union as one event in the series to celebrate Black History Month, took place on Wednesday (Feb. 7) from 6:30-8:30 in Bucknall Theater. Student teams participated, competing for recognition as the best as well as lots of laughs from the audience, in various rounds of comedic games.

Wild ‘N Out is a television series hosted by Nick Cannon, typically known for its conventional improvisational comedy games with a hip-hop flavor. Teams of celebrity guest stars participate in a series of comedy challenges. BSU emulated Cannon as the host, inviting any and all students to participate in teams, mimicking the celebrity guest stars.

At the University of New Haven, BSU did Wild ‘N Out with four rounds, with the first round entitled Let Me Holla. In this round, each team gave their funniest pickup lines and used them on the Wild ‘N Out girl. A vote was taken to determine which ones were the funniest and those teams received points accordingly.

The second round was Talkin’ Spit, where team members would have to say something funny enough to the other team to make them spit water out of their mouths.

The third round was Voicemail, where the teams had to do their best interpretations of different celebrity voices, and would receive points based on how well they executed them.

The final round was Wild ‘N Style, where teams participated in rap battles. This was an audience favorite and got everyone cheering and engaged with what was going on onstage. The two teams that participated in this round went back and forth with raps aimed at each other.  They earned points for the best raps, and scores were tallied up at the end. Team 1 came out victorious, and the audience voted, by round of applause, on their MVP.

“This was our first time doing it and it was really successful. It’s definitely something that we want to continue in the future,” said Tamara Torres, who hosted the event, about the success of the event.

“We were very proud of all of our participants. We’ve been trying to get an event like this on campus for a while, and it went really well,” said Taylor Stewart, who participated as the Wild ‘N Out girl.

BSU is putting on more events this month to celebrate Black History Month, so check the Weekly Charger to see what is upcoming.