Broadway Goes Eighties with Rock of Ages

Ashley Niro

Former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis has brought his rock edge from the TV screen to the Broadway stage in the new musical Rock of Ages. It is a comical love story told through popular 1980s songs by Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Pat Benatar, Poison and more. Maroulis stars as big dreamer Drew aka Wolfgang Von Colt who hopes to become a famous rock star. It is love at first sight on California’s Sunset Strip when Drew meets Sherrie, a small town Kansas girl dreaming of being an actress. Drew and Sherrie’s attempt to move past their friendship becomes complicated when pompous rock star Stacee Jaxx takes a short-lived interest in Sherrie. Meanwhile, more trouble strikes the Strip when a German businessman and his quirky son Franz scheme to industrialize the cultural landmark. It’s all up to a passionate activist Regina, the Bourbon Room rock club owner Dennis, and the narrator Lonny to save the beloved Sunset Strip.

Rock of Ages on Broadway
Rock of Ages on Broadway

While discovering the fate of the characters, the audience gets very involved in the musical by singing along to old favorites, rocking out during guitar solos, or waving plastic imitation lighters in the air during some of the slower rock songs—these plastic lighters are given to every member of the audience when they enter the theatre.

The wild hair, the colorful leather-friendly rock apparel, the rock club atmosphere, and famous rock songs that are recognizable to any generation all successfully bring the culture of the 1980s to the modern day world.  Beneath all of the humorous innuendos and witty dialogue there are also life lessons that can be learned: follow your heart, fight for what is right, and most of all “Don’t Stop Believin” in your dreams. Rock of Ages will definitely not disappoint music lovers of any age. This Broadway rock concert is sure to leave every member of the audience with a new appreciation for the ‘80s. For more information visit