Brett Favre Tries On a New Shade of Green


What was probably the biggest sports story over the summer months was the Brett Favre situation. The whole Favre saga in fact started on Mar. 4 when Favre announced his retirement.

Favre.jpgA very emotional Favre gave a press conference and through many tears announced he was done playing in the NFL. There were however some people that believed that Favre was not really done and that he would have a change of heart and be back playing by the time the first kickoff had begun to start the new NFL season. What got some people to believe this is that Favre said himself that he had been willing to play another year, but he felt that another season would only be successful if he led his team to another Super Bowl victory. Favre said the chances of that happening were very small. 

Close to four months later on July 2, Favre made contact with the Packers regarding a possible return to Green Bay. The Packers had informed Favre that they were ready to move on without Favre and give long time backup quarterback Aaron Rodgers a shot at starting. The Packers said if Favre would like he could come back, but he would not be guaranteed the starting role. He would have to compete for the job against Aaron Rodgers.

Many fans in Green Bay felt this was a slap in the face to the Packer legend. On July 11 Favre contacted the Packers asking for his release from the Packers so he could go play for another franchise.

On July 15, in an interview with Fox News, Favre said he did in fact have intentions of playing in the NFL in 2008. On July 29, Favre officially filed for reinstatement with the NFL. The petition was granted by Commissioner Rodger Goodell which would become effective as of Aug. 4. Favre then went to the Green Bay Packers training camp where he held a meeting with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and Packers general manager Ted Thompson. All three came to an agreement that it was time for Favre to move on to another team. After talks with both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets, the Packers traded Favre to the Jets on Aug. 7.
Favre will now come into the 2008 season still wearing green, but for a different NFL franchise. It still remains unclear how well Favre will do in an offensive system under the bright lights of New York.