Boston “Townies”

Carole McFaddan

The Town, written and directed by Ben Afleck, is about a ruthless gang of bank robbing Boston townies led by Doug MacRay, an unrepentant criminal. Living without regret and attachment, these four men pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean, while “living in the tradition of the town.”

When mistakes were made at their latest job and a hostage was taken, Doug MacRay (Afleck) had to clean up the mess. Letting the bank manager, Claire, go unharmed, Doug had to tie up all the loose ends involving her. In meeting outside the situation, the two form an instant attraction that leads them down a dangerous and deadly path.

With a 93% rating on, both preview audiences and reviewers loved the film. Since his last film, Gone Baby Gone, it seems that Ben Afleck has found his muse once again as a screenwriter and director in this tense, smartly written, and wonderfully cast film. Afleck may be a new director to be reckoned with in our generation.