Matt DiGiovanni

As I hope all of you know by now, our Chargers won the homecoming football game versus the Bentley Falcons this weekend (45-38)! I also hope that all of you had a great time with some great people and got some serious bonding time in with friends; I know I did. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the game, which I’m unhappy about; but I did spend some quality time with my housemates, and I’m glad for that. Every once in awhile I think everyone just needs to take a step back and relax/bond with their friends and roommates/housemates.

Why did I miss the game? It turns out that some Kenmore washing machines have an inferior coupler that will completely strip out after some use. That conveniently happened on Friday, and the nearest store with the part was an hour away. After taking apart and diagnosing the issue, we found the part but the store was closed! My one housemate and I decided that to get the job done, we would start early the next day and restart out appliance adventure. After another few hours of replacing the parts and putting everything back together, we had a functional washing machine and a great sense of satisfaction. I have to say, not much beats the feeling of completely taking apart and putting something back together, and both my housemate shared that moment (I know, awwwww). It sounds corny, but it’s a good feeling bonding with someone, and I think that it’s something everyone should experience every once in awhile!

After everything with the washer I was pretty done with being the handyman, so my housemates and I spent the rest of the weekend just taking it easy, watching a few movies (Titan A.E. anyone?) and just relaxing in our living room. I hardly advocate spending all of your time sitting in your room (wherever that may be) doing nothing in particular, but sometimes all anyone needs after a rough week is a few good friends to hang out with and spend some serious time together. It seemed like this week was killer for everyone I talked to, so I hope that everyone was able to blow off some steam and calm down for the next week.

For most people, last week was when midterms fell; so hopefully you all did well! If you haven’t taken your midterms yet, good luck! That also means we’re over the hump for the semester; so it’s all uphill from here. As a senior, it’s a little freaky that we’re halfway through our second to last semester, but at the same time we’re all moving one-step closer to graduation! Continue to work hard, and as happy or sad as graduating may make you (moving on to the real world is scary!), before you know it you’ll be there!

To close, make the most of your time here! Spend some time working hard, spend some other time getting involved, but don’t forget to leave some time to just hang out, relax, and get to know some friends a little better!