Blink 182 Reunion Concert Hits Connecticut

Kait Richmond

Blink-182 played to a sold-out crowd in CT on August 29, 2009 giving fans the live show that the band has been best known for, including a touching tribute to their dear friend DJ A.M. The opening acts, Chester French, Taking Back Sunday, and Weezer, pumped up the crowd, but there was still a feeling of loss in the air. Blink-182 came out energized and ready to rock, despite the passing of their friend. Just a few hours before Blink hit the stage, drummer Travis Barker took to his Twitter, saying he was going to play the show for A.M. “Everytime I play the drums I’ll think of you.”
Blink opened with “Dumpweed,” not letting the crowd know they were hurting. They continued on through material from their last album, including “Feeling This” and “I Miss You,” as well as some of their biggest hits, “What’s My Age Again?” and “The Rock Show.” Even though it was clear that Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus were very emotional, both sounded amazing live. Watching Barker play the drums, whether from the pit or the lawn, was an experience in itself, and Hoppus’ vocals were clear and easy to listen to. Whether the same can be said about Tom DeLonge, the band’s guitarist, is for another article… DeLonge did most of the talking that night; nothing original, the same immature jokes that Blink is known for. But, before playing “Stay Together For the Kids,” he announced that “this song is about us.”Hoppus then grabbed the mic, and confronted the looming issue.
“He [DJ A.M.] was an innovator, and he was a genius, and he loved music more than any other person on this planet. And above all, he was an amazing friend.”Following a moment of silence, the band appropriately launched into “Down.”

Even though Blink-182 is older, as is their crowd, it still felt like being in high school all over again when they played “First Date” and “All the Small Things.” Everyone at the show could relive the best part of his or her teenage years. The band finished with “Anthem, Part 2,” and did an encore with “Carousel” and “Dammit.” The crowd left satisfied, singing Blink songs as a group, all the way to their cars.
Under the circumstances, there were a few things missing from the show. Barker didn’t do his epic solo, where he and his drumset are tossed around in the air. Also, a controversial, fan-favorite was missing from the set list: “Adam’s Song.” However, the future looks bright for Blink-182 and their fans. The band’s camaraderie is back, and they pulled through the show together. It’s safe to say that these guys are in the middle of making a big comeback.