Black Student Union’s 5th Annual Save-a-Breast

Alyssa MacKinnon

The Black Student Union held their 5th Annual Save-a-Breast spectacular to raise awareness for breast cancer in the Beckerman Recreation Center on Sunday, Oct. 11.  BSU received a lot of support from other student clubs; many RSOs co-sponsored the event. When entering the event, giveaway tickets and t-shirts were handed out and guests were then free to roam to club tables.

The Rotaract Club at BSU's Save- a- Breast event
The Rotaract Club at BSU’s Save- a- Breast event

Every time a visitor went to a different club table, they received a stamp on a sheet, which vouched as participation in the event and making the visitor eligible to win a prize.

Students Making an Impact on their Living Environment had jeopardy board set up at their table with all sorts of interesting questions pertaining to breast cancer. HOSA had a race to put on as many bras as possible. Some clubs went with a fall theme and had students painting rocks and pumpkins.

Many of the tables had baked goods that disappeared quickly. A lot of the groups had informational activities to help people recognize issues and know the signs of a potential problem related to breast cancer.

Sigma Chi’s Joshua Rodriguez let people know that men get breast cancer too. The best of the best were decked out in their black and electric pink shirts and had some fun with everyone; some people were playing a game of the floor is lava with a balloon and others were dancing around.