Big Bang Theory

Erin Ennis

The cat’s alive, let’s go. That fateful line ended last
year’s first season of The Big Bang
, a popular 30-minute comedy on CBS. With its second season premiere
slated for Monday, Sept. 22, enthusiasts must wonder what is in store next for
the nerds of apartment

For those of you who have yet to tune in to The Big Bang Theory, you are truly
missing out. With a cast that includes Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Jim Parsons
as Sheldon, and Kaley Cuoco as Penny, The
Big Bang Theory
is a never-miss show about the life of two genius-level
physicists, their incredibly attractive next-door-neighbor, and their equally
nerdy friends. What can one expect from a show entirely about intelligent humor
and nerd fun? Everything.

The first season had its memorable moments. The boys (which
also include Simon Helberg as Walowitz and Kunal Nayyar as Rajesh) bought a
time machine, had their first physics bowl competition, learned how to make
Rajesh talk to women with just the right amount of influence, and played nights
of epic Halo tournaments. A playful combination of wit, sarcasm, and irony
(mostly delivered by Parsons) made each episode hilarious to watch. Oh yeah,
and you cannot forget Shrodinger’s cat. The famous thought experiment led to
one of the most anticipated, and unusual, season finale’s in comedic history.

But what do fans expect of the second season? What can newcomers
expect if they had not seen the first season?

Well, first, is the budding relationship between Penny and
Leonard. We left them together and quite happy but, as any fan of TV knows,
this probably is not for long. Viewers can expect Walowitz to still be full of
sexual innuendos and Rajesh to still be completely unable to talk to women. The
writers have also made suggestions that new characters may be entering the mist
but, like the creators of Heroes, vow
to not leave them around long if devoted fans do not enjoy their presence. Oh,
and expect the theme song to stay exactly the same. While some shows pride
themselves on changing or tweaking their theme songs every year, expect The Big Bang Theory to always start off
with the same charming quip to nature’s own Big Bang.

In finality, fans and newbies alike will find the second
season of The Big Bang Theory, which
debuts Mon. Sept. 22, to be a huge success. The gang, the jokes, the intellect,
and all the Green Lantern quips one could ask for will return to CBS as one of
the greatest comedies on television. Tune in!