Best YikYaks of Halloweekend


For Halloween, students in and around the University of New Haven took to the anonymous social media app YikYak to talk about anything and everything they want. Some people’s Halloweekend’s went really well, with nights of costume parties and fun. For others, it felt like a long weekend. At the end of it all, it was a wild few days, well worthy of its own collection of highlights.
Here is a glimpse at some of the best ones:


I am down to pay for a girl boobs
piercing taking one for the team


To the girl in the kung fu panda
costume last night at SAE. I love you
and I’m ready to marry you


Shoutout Anthony at sae, u were a real
one and I’m ready to marry you


Everyone hypes up the parties here so
much and then comes back talking
about how ass they are 💀


how many people busted their ass
leaving kappa last night bc i know i
wasn’t the only one


I put my dab pen up my p***** now it
won’t come out help


Wtw tn ( I’m a girl with big boobs)


Where the darty at tomrorow ?where.


i have have a sore throat
lets play is it a cold, strep, or covid


Holy **** there’s human feces on the
bixler quad someone went too hard
last night


You know a relationship is in shambles
when they drop the fall photoshoot


halloweekend was way too much


Tommy’s Tanning has sorority girls
looking like the Annoying Orange


**** parties im gonna pump iron and
eat raw meat all weekend


Just dissociated so badly in the shower that i
washed my hair 3 times and only shaved my left
armpit 🙁


i was so hot and mysterious last night but no one
yakked about the cute girl at the party. life is so hard.


Someone post video proof of the darty.