Beauty and the Beast 3D

Cristal Reyes

We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. It’s a flat out Disney classic. Recently, Disney gave it an interesting twist and released it in 3D animation.

Taking place in European olden times, it tells the charming tale of Belle, a young village girl who’s unusually independent, intelligent, and beautiful. In fact, she even catches the eye of the most handsome man in town. However, his obnoxious behavior earns him rejection when he asks for her hand in marriage.

Later on, she goes on a mission to find her missing father. Instead, she finds a beast and an enchanted castle with the works. As her luck continues to spiral, she becomes imprisoned to the castle and the beast. Luckily, they fall in love and the evil curse lifts off the beast. And as tradition states, they lived happily ever after.

The movie released in early 2012 and grossed over 17 million dollars. It’s a classic that’s suitable for all ages to Kindergarten to College. It’s a must watch, especially in 3D and will bring back wonderful childhood memories when watched on the big screen.