Athlete of the Week Amber Simms Soccer #21

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play?

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Amber Simms: “It feels great. Getting an award always feels great. We’ve been playing well so, to get individual awards on top of that is just a bonus.”

CS: Along with player of the week for New Haven, you were named player of the week for the NE-10 conference. What is it like to not only be honored by your school but by the entire conference?

AS: “Obviously the school is good enough for me, but its even better when you get recognition from the conference; it really feels good.”

CS: Part of why you won this honor was after recording a hat trick against Bentley in a 5-1 victory. What was your mindset going into this game? How did you prepare?

AS: “Just like any other game really, try to relax and just think about good things that can happen in the game, try to visually prepare. We knew as a team we could win and we know that we are capable of beating any team any game as long as we play as well as we can. We knew Bentley was going to be a tough game but we were able to put them away.”

CS: You and your teammate, Monica Yanez, are tied for the NE-10 lead with seven goals and 17 total points. Does it take pressure off when you have someone along side you playing as well as you are during the season?

AS: “Yeah it’s great. We’re both forwards so that’s our job [to score] but it’s usually just one forward that scores like that. A lot of the time one will score and the other will assist more but the fact that we have both been scoring has definitely helped us a lot. We’ve had quite a few goals between the both of us.”

CS: New Haven women’s soccer is currently on its longest unbeaten start to the season. How does it feel to not only be apart of history, but at the time, being part of the leader towards it?

AS: “It’s really great. I feel like since I’ve been here this is the best team we have had and we have a lot of freshmen coming in and they are doing really well. Coach can make substitutions and we’ll be okay. I feel we have a good chance at going far this season after starting off so well.”

CS: How hard is it to come over from another country and live so far away from home? (Originally from England)

AS: “It was different at first because the game is different. In America people are more focused on strength and fitness. There is a lot more lifting weights and conditioning here rather then home and I had some trouble getting used to that at first because I wasn’t as strong. It’s more technical at home, but I’m more used to it now though.”