Ask Melanie


Dear Melanie,
Over the break, my four best friends and I got a tattoo. I was nervous because I never really wanted a tattoo, but they insisted it would be fun and meaningful since we were getting matching ones. We’ve been best friends for a year and a half (or less) and they’ve always brought out the crazier side of me. Long story short, we walk out of the tattoo place with a tattoo, that pretty much takes up our entire wrist, of a martini glass with all our names floating inside the drink. That was three weeks ago. Well, fast forward to the start of school and guess what? I’m no longer best friends with them and I have the names of people I want nothing to do with on me. Now what?
Conflicted Carrie




Dear Conflicted Carrie,

First of all, you should never get something permanent on your body if you don’t want it! Second of all, it happened – life happens. You have a funky tattoo on your wrist that you have no idea what to do with. My advice? Don’t stare at it with regret and anger- it was a fun/oops moment in your college years and that’s what it should remind you of! Throw a couple cute bracelets and bangles over it or a clunky watch. Don’t stress over it! If you dislike it that much, then you can get their names filled in with a darker color so that it’s just a cute martini glass.