Ask Melanie


Dear Melanie,

My boyfriend did not get me anything for our one year anniversary. Not only that, but he totally forgot it was our one year,  and I thought maybe he was going to surprise me with something, but he didn’t. I flipped out on him at the end of the night because he completely forgot and didn’t get me anything. He doesn’t have a job and I do, but still that’s so rude, right? I’m pissed

Pissed Penny

Dear Pissed Penny,

It’s not all about the presents! Maybe you should have discussed if you were doing presents before getting him anything! But again, don’t worry about it. As long as you’re happy with him that’s all that matters! And about him forgetting, it’s finals week and his mind was probably somewhere else! You guys have made it a year so don’t fight about him forgetting! Let him make it up to you!