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Dear Melanie,

I was at a party a week ago and I was hanging out with this really cool guy and lets just say – one thing led to another. I put my number in his phone and he said he would text me the next day. He has not texted me yet and I really thought we would hang out again. So I looked him up on Facebook and got his number and texted him and he read my messages and never texted me back. I been texting him the past three nights and the only time he replied was when he said, “stop texting me.” I don’t understand why he is mad at me? He also texted me last night saying, “round two?” Is it because I’m a freshman and he is a senior? What do I do? Why is he using me? I thought he liked me…

Confused Cutie

Dear Confused Cutie,

First of all, don’t let a guy use you like that. Sorry for the tough love you are about to receive, but I think you need to let go of this and realize that it was just a one time thing. Some guys will do that to you, unfortunately. I don’t think that you should text him every night, or ever, anymore because he clearly only wants you for what’s good in the bedroom. He is not mad at you and he said it himself – stop texting him, especially since he is reading all of your messages and not replying. You guys don’t like each other, you met a week ago and you will meet a hundred more of him before you find someone you actually like, which is fine! Let go of this guy. He seems like he is just using you – he is totally not worth it.


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