Ask Melanie


Dear Melanie,

I have changed my major twice already because I have no idea what to do with my life but I think I want to change it again. Should I just keep going with my major so that I can just finish my degree or change it to what I think I would be happy in?


Dear Reader,

Being unsure of what to do with your life is very normal. This decision really depends on you and how long you want to stay in school. If you change your major again, you will probably be in school longer but if that doesn’t matter to you then change it. Lots of people end up working in fields different from what their degree is in.

There are so many options in this day and age that it’s hard to figure out what field you’re going to be happy in a few years down the road. The best thing you can do is decide what you like learning about and later on, if you don’t like working in that field, you can probably change your career path with a little bit more work.

The main thing is that you just have to try different things until you think you’ve found your niche; volunteer, work a part-time job, do internships. Just make sure you try to keep active in the fields you think you want to work in because you might think you’ll enjoy it and then once you actually start working in it, you could hate it.