Ask Melanie


Dear Melanie,

My friend (who does not attend UNH) is pregnant with her professor’s baby and she has come to me for advice on whether or not she should keep it. She is a junior and she isn’t necessarily against abortion but she doesn’t know if she should keep it because the professor is married and doesn’t want her to have the baby. I do not know what to tell her so, I came to you.



Dear Reader,

This is a tough decision that she will have to make on her own. Unfortunately, no one can make this decision for her. It is a big one and, depending on the path she chooses, it could be a long journey ahead for her. The things you can do for her are: give her information and resources to make an informed decision and support whichever decision she makes.

The best thing to do at this time is support her because whichever one she chooses, she will need a good support system. I’m sure she’ll make the decision that is best for her and her situation and you will be a good friend in the meantime.

Good luck with everything.