Ask Melanie



Dear Melanie,

I just started dating a girl here and I want to do something special for Valentine’s Day but I don’t know what to do.  I don’t want to get her something too small but I also don’t want to be too over the top since this is still so new.  Please help.

Smitten Soph


Hello Smitten!

It’s great that you’ve found someone you like this much! You are more than likely overthinking this.  Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a fun day to tell the people you care about, you care.  You don’t have to propose marriage to the girl.

Ask her out on a fun date, like indoor rock climbing, laser tag or go carting.  If you want to be more low-key and have the resources, cook dinner at your place and invite her over for dinner and a movie.  You can even go out for drinks with a bunch of both of your friends.

Present-wise, you can always stick with the usual favorites: chocolate, a teddy bear and a cute balloon.  You can also get her something small that she might be interested in, like a book or a coffee tumbler or even a cute Alex & Ani bracelet.  Just keep it simple—no need to complicate things for yourself.