Are You Smarter Than a Greek?

Jenn Harrington

Greek fraternity, Kappa Gamma Rho, hosted their first Are You Smarter Than a Greek event on Wed. Nov. 13 in Dodd’s Theater.

Their version of the game show was set up much like the televised show that uses fifth graders. Two representatives from each organization sat on the panel to help a non-Greek student answer various trivia questions about government, sports, pop culture, and two questions about campus Greek life, which ended the competition.

The game was broken into two segments. During the first half, four contestants were each asked eight questions with varying point totals. Each question answered right added to their grand total. A Blue-Ray player was rewarded to the contestants with the most points.

The contestants were able to pick four Greek members to sit on a panel, in which they could use lifelines to answer questions they were unsure about. Lifelines included: sneak-a-peak; where a contestant could look at a panel member’s answer and choose whether or not to use it, copy; where they could look at an answer but had to use it as their own, or consensus; where the panel members would decide together the answer to give to the contestant.

The contestants that participated enjoyed the game and the fraternity looks forward to seeing how the event grows next year.