Apple iPad: The Next Step in Technology

Really Apple, what will you come out with next? It’s almost impossible to think ahead as to what else Apple could create for us. Such gadgets can also be fixed easily thanks to parts like electrical connectors which can be conveniently availed online.

FILE – In this Jan. 27, 2010 file photo, the iPad is shown after it was unveiled at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Years ago, computers were nothing like they are today. The days when dial-up was the only way to get internet and when downloading pictures or songs could take days are long gone. Now we can email, instant message, and look up directions all on our iPhones and iPods. Don’t get me wrong I love my iTouch; I still can’t believe all the different things I can do with it. I can email, listen to music, play games, and instant message with friends: basically I can do everything with my iTouch that the iPhone can do minus call people or take pictures. If you sit back and think about it, years ago we were not this dependent on technology; however with new gadgets coming out daily it’s hard not to get caught up in the next new thing. Apple’s next new thing is the new iPad, which is practically the “iTouch on steroids”.

The reason behind it was that it would be something in-between the iphone and a laptop. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new Apple iPad at the Apple special event. He went over its uses and all the things that an iPad can do. Let me tell you it does everything: you can search the web, send emails, and share your photos and sync them. You can also manage and listen to your music, view Youtube videos or online movies and shows, visit and download from the App Store, read iBooks, schedule your day with the calendar, and find names and numbers with contacts. Now that’s a lot and there can’t be more that it does but if you thought that you would be wrong my friend,   .

You’re right: it doesn’t call your friends like the iPhone. But even if you are busy out and about on the road you can send and check email so fast and easy. If you’re worried that the browser may be slow, no worries, the iPad loads websites so fast you can do whatever you want with no delay. There is also a maps application so you can never get lost, a notepad so you can write and keep notes organized, and just like Apple’s laptops you can search the entire iPad by typing in what you are looking for with the Spotlight feature. The design of the iPad is so sleek and slim; it’s only slightly larger than a piece of paper, half an inch thin, and weights from 1.5-1.6 pounds depending on if you want just Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi 3G. It truly is incredible, you can turn it anyway that you want and use it vertically or horizontally. The entire thing is touch screen so literally everything is at your fingertips.

Now I know you’re all wondering: it must be incredibly expensive! Well it starts at only $499. Inside the iPad houses 16-64 GB of flash space and Apple’s own custom designed A4 chip. It’s capable of lasting with 10 hours of battery life. It even has some awesome accessories that make it even better than it already is. You can get the standalone dock and with the iPad’s Bluetooth technology you can use an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse with it. With the iPad case you’re not only protecting your iPad but it also allows you to use it many positions so you can look at photos, type emails, and watch videos without even having to hold the device. It can rest on a table and desk while you use it.

It’s crazy how much technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives and with companies like Apple you can’t help but wonder what will they come up with next? Now I’m curious to see how well the iPads will sell: as of right now you can’t buy one yet, but you can get notified as to when they will go on sale. I wonder if it will take over the third category that Apple hopes it will, only time will tell as to what will come from the new Apple iPad.