App of the Week


This week we are focused on a practical app. Genius Scan is an app that allows you to easily scan documents, photos, receipts, and more, into your phone within seconds. This app may be helpful to college students who need to easily keep track of handouts or who need to study on the go without having to carry around books. The app allows you to scan only the pages you need and save them as a JPG or PDF.

Genius Scan works  effectively in the free version, but also has multiple upgrade options for  a few more dollars. With the free version, you can share files only via email. In order to share the file in other ways, you have to upgrade the app. Another upgrade within the app allows you to have your files backed up within a storage cloud.

Overall, this app cuts out the hassle of trying to share files or documents by taking photos and organizing the files yourself. It could also be a helpful feature when looking for and applying to internships or jobs by providing a simple tool to share your resume. Get scanning, save time, and be organized!