Anti-Facebook Pastor Continuing Job After 90 Days

Liz De La Torre

Thou shall not join Facebook? Rev. Cedric Miller of Neptune, New Jersey, who shot to the spotlight after he called the social networking site a sin and “portal to infidelity,” is now leaving Living Word Christian Fellowship Church where he works as a pastor. However, he is not leaving definitively.

The Reverend is currently serving a 90-day leave of absence for admitting to numerous affairs between his own wife, a young male church aid, and the church aid’s wife. So much for blaming Facebook as the cause of adultery. While the social networking site is known for establishing connections, apparently it didn’t take much for Miller to have illicit sexual liaisons.

Since early November, the man, who so emphatically preached “logging” onto God’s words through the Bible, had barred his congregation from using Facebook. After counseling about 20 couples who ran into marital trouble following Facebook encounters with exes, Miller instructed 50 married church officials to delete their accounts or resign. “What happens is someone from yesterday surfaces, it leads to conversations and there have been physical meet-ups. The temptation is just too great,” he reasoned at the time.

Although he had terminated his own Facebook account several months prior, a 2003 court testimony leaked by the Asbury Park Press revealed his own participation in foursomes that are said to have occurred at Miller’s home after Thursday night Bible study and after mass on Sunday.

According to court testimony, an affair began between Miller’s wife and the church aid which was then joined by Miller and the church aid’s wife. Despite offering to resign his position, he has remained unaffected in his position as the church board of elders collectively expressed their vote of confidence in him. Even with his confession, Miller said he still supports the anti-Facebook ban for church officials.