Another Week at the Beckerman Recreation Center

Kat Wilberding

Instructional classes are off and running at the Beckerman Recreation Center. If you missed out on registration this time around, Campus Recreation will be offering more instructional classes in the spring. Be sure to follow our website for all updates.

The Group X classes are a great way to work out, but if you want a personalized work out, consider signing on with a personal trainer. Campus Recreation has a great personal trainer staff that can help you get into shape right here on campus. For more information, check out the website or stop by the Rec Center.

As always REC Sports is exciting and bustling with activity. Season 1 sports are in full swing and a couple of teams have already jumped out in front in the Quest for the Charger Cup competition. If you would like to see any of the intramural games, the schedules are up on the website as well as posted on the bulletin board across from the equipment services desk in the Rec Center.

A few one day tournaments are also in the works for this semester. Details will be given out on those activities as they become available during the week.