Another Drake Surprise

Glenn Rohrbacker

Usually when you go to the iTunes Store, you will see the most recent and most popular albums scrolling on the screen near the top. If you look there today, you will only see one: What A Time to Be Alive by Drake and Future.

Drake made headlines earlier this year with his surprise mixtape If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late.

It seems like this is his new way of promotion, being that this mixtape was also a huge surprise, especially being so soon after his last.

He brings along fellow rapper, Future, on this tape with 11 songs that are true to the Drake style.

Drake and Future make a great team, putting together an album that speaks to both of their strengths and harvesting the new sound of hip hop that fans have come to know.

Drake and Future smothered this album with catchy beats, smooth hooks, and great lyrics.

These combinations make a surprise album work. Without promotion, artists must rely on content alone to set their work above others, and that is exactly what Drake and Future did with What a Time to Be Alive.

“Plastic Bag” is very reminiscent of old classic Drake, with his seamless flow and laid back tone. He seems to have trained Future to join him in this style also.

The mixtape starts off with the song “Digital Dash” which mostly features Future and gives a good introduction to the journey ahead on this album.

Set up like a freestyle, the song allows for the rappers to show off their skills, which are some of the best in the industry.

The most interesting song on the album is the finale, “30 for 30 Freestyle.”

This is, as you guessed it, a simple beat with a freestyle over it.

Drake and Future take this time to speak their minds and put some really meaningful lyrics into rhythm. Some other notable songs are “Jumpman,” “Live from the Gutter,” and “Big Rings.”

Although a surprise mixtape, the timing of this release couldn’t have been better. The summer feud between Drake and Meek Mill had the whole media talking, keeping Drake on everyone’s radar.

As soon as the buzz started to simmer, Drake drops this album to bring his name, along with Future, back into the mix.

This Cash Money-Epic Records collaboration is sure to get people talking again, while they wait for the next surprise.