American Scholastic Press Association Awards Charger Bulletin Second Place Award

Liana Teixeira

The Charger Bulletin, the official student newspaper of the University of New Haven, was awarded a Second Place Award by the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) for receiving top scores in the Scholastic Review and Contest.

Photo provided by Liana Teixeira.

The annual review and contest for scholastic yearbooks, magazines and newspapers compares student publications to other high schools, colleges and universities around the nation. Judges base their scores on page design, story layout, graphics, headlining, style, advertising and photography, among other criteria.

Charger Bulletin received top scores in content coverage, and was praised for offering original material to further student interest in the University. Additionally, the Bulletin received a perfect score in providing community awareness and articles on national/international issues as they apply directly to the student body.

The Bulletin underwent significant design and layout changes during the 2012-2013 academic year, including a complete remodel of the front page and an increased focus on local and campus news. This meant covering events sponsored by RSOs, as well as relevant local news and campus-wide issues. This initiative encouraged more organizations and UNH students to reach out to the Bulletin, whether it be to promote an event, or simply voice their opinions in a Letter to the Editor. To the staff writers and photographers, this award has become a symbol of their dedication to the paper.

“This award speaks to the time and effort that each staff member puts into the Bulletin,” said Isaak Kifle, staff writer. “And it makes me proud to see all of the work that we do recognized with such a distinctive honor.”

Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Field was overwhelmed with joy when she received the ASPA’s notification congratulating the Bulletin on their second place win. “This year, the Charger Bulletin has been blessed with a dedicated staff,” she said. “I am so pleased that their hard work has been recognized with this distinguished award.”