American Idol’s Jax Comes Out with New EP

Photo by AP

Photo by AP

Lauren Cohen , Staff Writer

American Idol alum, Jax released her first EP, “Funny” on Friday (Jan. 27th). “Funny” consists of six tracks, each better than the last. Jax competed in the 14th season of Idol and ended up coming in third place. After Idol she wrote “La La Land,” based on her experience on American Idol. The song explains the realities of reality TV.

Last summer she announced she had thyroid cancer, at only twenty years old. Now, cancer free, her songs are more powerful than ever. “Stars,” her debut single off her new EP, is based on her experience battling cancer. The song lyrically states how “stars can’t shine without darkness”. The song itself shows the battle she faced and how she took the bad and transformed it into something good. “Stars,” shows that without a bad there can’t be a good.

This past November she performed in NYC, and since then fans have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new songs.

She flawlessly performed another one of her songs, “Wrong Girl,” at a surprise performance at Bar Nine in NYC last November. The surprise performance followed her running the NYC Marathon, making the performance that much more impressive.

Perhaps her greatest song on the EP is entitled “L.S.D.” The song itself is slower, and more lyrically powerful, explaining her time in a bad relationship. “Kickin’ & Screamin’,” is one of the more upbeat songs off the EP. The chorus is catchy and stays in your head for hours after listening

“Sleep Like a Baby,” begins with a lullaby tune but quickly escalates into a more upbeat feel. Jax has a unique voice compared to most current singers and the powerfulness of her voice can definitely be heard in this track. “Funny,” the title track is a very clever song. She puts a twist on the word funny. Once you listen to it, you’ll see why!

Each song is amazing in its own way, and showcases all her talent. You can tell she puts her soul into what she writes. Songwriters, in particular, can find each song’s lyrics relatable and powerful.

It is definitely rare to enjoy every single off an album, but Jax goes against the grain with “Funny.” Every song leaves nothing to be desired, and is truly fantastic! If this is her first album, then it will be interesting to hear all the new songs she is working on!