America in Need of a Change

Katherine Lavoie

Since Sept. 17, hundreds of protestors have swarmed Manhattan, waving signs and marching through the streets, trying to win the fight against “Wall Street.” They belong to an organization called Occupy Wall Street, which is led by the activist magazine Adbusters. Organizers sent out a call to action for Sept. 17 and asked that protestors swarm Manhattan to set up camp for a two-month period, inspired by the protests in Egypt in January.

So far, there have been numerous arrests by the NYPD and a highly publicized pepper spray incident involving a police officer and four women who were sprayed, one temporarily blinded. NYPD had limited access to certain areas on Wall Street just a few days prior to the start of the protests, which is also right around the time that the amount of people participating had dropped from somewhere in the 1,000 range to just 200.

The hundreds that have stayed, however, have certainly made their presence heard, marching up and down Wall Street on pedestrian walkways. Some protestors carry signs asking to end capitalism, some are looking to end the greed among banks and corporations, and others are protesting the low employment rates in the country.  Their signs may read different things, but their overall message is clear; this country needs a change, and needs to do it fast.