Ambient – Music for Patience and Meditation

In a time where everything feels still and overwhelming at the same time, finding a quiet place mentally can be a struggle. Whether for meditation, sleep, or studying, ambient music can help bring it all together. While some might not recognize it as music, there is a beauty that comes with the patience of Ambient.

1/1 – Brian Eno
From the iconic album “Ambient 1: Music for Airports,” which coined the term “Ambient” and created the genre, 1/1 was the song that started it all. This long-form track didn’t revolutionize the genre — it set the standard.

FEEL – Hiroshi Yoshimura
Using the phrase “Environmental Music” as opposed to ambient, Hiroshi Yoshimura is known for being a pioneer for ambient music in Japan. He is known for his musical soundscapes and textures, with this track in particular almost glistening to the listener.

#3 – Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin’s 1994 record “Selected Ambient Works Volume II” is only one of his many works throughout his prolific career. Unlike his more overwhelming and electrifying work, this track is like many others off this album: mysterious yet calming.

Poa Alpina – Biosphere
This track sounds somewhat cinematic, with an ominous spacey boom consistent throughout it. Biosphere’s dreamy strings carry the listener through this track like flowing water.

Postscript – Bowery Electric
Sitting at nearly 17 minutes long, this track shows a more drone-based approach to ambient music. Shimmering sounds throughout this song imitate the feeling of the sun beating through the windows on a lovely afternoon.

Nami – Meitei
With crashing waves and other water samples, this song gives a peaceful and relaxing soundscape, all pulled together by a consistent pulse.

I’m Every Sparkly Woman – Ana Roxanne
“I’m Every Sparkling Woman” is more unique than the other songs in this playlist because of its usage of vocal samples and singing throughout. Ana Roxanne’s voice soars through the track.

Farewell Fire – Boards of Canada
With an almost hymnal chord progression, this song brings instant peace to the listener. With a somewhat retro synthesizer being the basis of the track, its heavenly chords ring out for what seems like forever.

An Arc Of Doves – Brian Eno & Harold Budd
With the title “An Arc Of Doves” comes a vivid image, and the track itself delivers the same image. Harold Budd, a pianist and frequent collaborator with Brian Eno, plays beautiful chords seemingly out of tempo, accompanied by Eno’s warm synths beneath it.