All About Steve Breaks the Romantic Comedy Mold

The Associated Press

What does it take for a movie to be included in the infamous “romantic comedy” genre? Basically, to summarize the definition found in Webster’s Dictionary: two people meet, fall in love without knowing it, leave one another, finally realize that they are perfect for each other, find themselves in some kind of unrealistic (but at the same time, convenient) situation, declare their love for each other, and live happily ever after. Naturally, this is the reason behind the term “chick flick”. And by simply seeing the previews for All About Steve, one would expect that this new release into theaters would have a similar storyline. But do not be so sure.

Within the first few minutes of the movie, we meet Mary Horowitz, played by the always hilarious Sandra Bullock. She certainly makes a statement with her red go-go boots, her unusual job as a crossword puzzle writer, and her freakish intelligence which makes her very much like a walking encyclopedia. However, Mary’s life is quite sad: she lives with her parents, talks to her pet guinea pig, loses her job, and becomes obsessed with Steve. And who is Steve?

Steve, played by Bradley Cooper, happens to be the unfortunate blind date with whom Mary was set up. Mary claims it was love at first sight, while Steve on the other hand, believes that she was (and still is) severely mentally unstable. Throughout the film, Mary is found chasing Steve across the country as he works as a cameraman covering breaking news. So what does the audience expect the end of this movie to be? Not without good reason, everyone awaits the grand gesture through which Steve proclaims his undying love to Mary. Well, if you thought that, you’re in for a shocker.

All About Steve is a breath of fresh air, as compared to other romantic comedies. The movie focuses on friendships and being true to yourself, rather than the shallow, but usually very entertaining, plotline behind finding Mr. Right. Tears will roll down your face, whether it’s because of the emotional and heartwarming moments, or the downright pee-your-pants kind of hysterical comedy. The film is meant for young and old, all of whom will appreciate its simplicity and entertaining qualities. All About Steve is one of those films that will change your mind about chick flicks and will certainly keep you coming back for more.