About Last Night

Jordan Schonberger

With Valentine’s Day having just passed, romance films are sweeping through the box offices this season. If you’re looking for a movie in celebration of love, life and relationships, that’s not incredibly over-the-top, you’ll find it in About Last Night.

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AP Photo

This is a universal movie that can be enjoyed alone as well as with your significant other. A remake of the 1986 film of the same name, this film features an all-black cast starring Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant, and it is hilarious!

Hart’s gigantic personality shines in his role as Bernie, the best friend and wingman of Ealy’s character. Alone, he provides great comic relief to juxtapose the Bryant and Ealy relationship, but his own chemistry with Hall really makes for rip-roaring laughter throughout.

The chemistry Ealy shares with Bryant is evident too. While this romantic comedy does follow the typical story line of a guy and a girl meet and together they fall in love, it feels surprisingly human as you watch the trials and tribulations that Ealy and Bryant go through.

Another refreshing aspect of the film is that for an R rated comedy, the sexual aspect of love isn’t very gratuitous here. It serves as more of a punch line, while maintaining the focus on the other aspects with more substance that go into a having great relationship.

In a genre of films that often gets pigeonholed into the “Chick Flick” category, in comes a film that anyone with a good sense of humor and a little know-how about the game of love can enjoy. About Last Night is now playing in theaters everywhere.