A Quick Thanks to Our RAs and CP

Zack Rosen

The campus had a slight scare this past weekend as those of us who are signed up for the emergency text alert service received a text at 12:09am telling us that two students were robbed at gunpoint less than a mile from main campus. As Editor-in-Chief of this fine paper (</shameless plug>), one of my goals this year is to increase electronic and web-based news for The Charger Bulletin. In doing so, we created a Facebook page that now has over 1,100 friends. In posting a status regarding the armed robbery, I immediately started getting messages and emails from students and parents looking for more information.

One of these messages, from a parent, really stood out to me more than others.

“UNH Safety has never been an issue for me…in the past I have taken the time to write to the campus police and president commending them on their proactive measures. UNH police put the safety of their students and staff first. The use of the alert system keeps parents well informed. I know all our children are well taken care of at UNH!”

I really just want to send my props out to the entire Res Life staff and Campus Police. They were all trained for these situations, and the efficiency of spreading the word certainly proved this.

Director of Residential Life Patty Christiano said it concisely: “I am very proud of everyone on the ORL staff.”

Going back to the aforementioned Facebook profile, be sure to add us if you haven’t already! The Charger Bulletin is dedicated to providing you with the best information, both national and campus-based, and there are multiple outlets to receive this information. Some of these social networking sites include Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TheChargerBulletin), Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ChargerBulletin), and online at www.ChargerBulletin.com.
On behalf of the entire staff of The Charger Bulletin, thanks to the RAs, RDs, and Campus Police for their quick response and professionalism!

If you haven’t already, be sure to signup for the UNH Campus Text system at http://www.newhaven.edu/campustext/ — you’ll get information on emergency conditions and other optional services.

Oh, and in reply to Erin’s article below (you see, she doesn’t realize that I can add this is in! ha!), I don’t hate vampires. I mean, could they have been as well-trained as our RAs this past weekend!? I think not!