A Message from the IT Office

The Charger Bulletin

The Office of Information Technology recently surveyed students about their use of the Energy Star information and utility for XP available on the UNH website at http://www.newhaven.edu/greenpc. Not surprisingly, almost 95% of respondents believe that configuring your PC to save energy is important.

So it came as a surprise that only 15% of those who completed the survey have actually either installed the Energy Star utility or configured their computers to save energy. Computers are one of the zombie appliances that continue to use energy whether they are in use or not, and setting up your Mac or PC to go into a low energy mode or turning it off when not in use can make a big difference in your personal energy footprint.

OIT made six green iPod shuffles available for a random drawing for all students who completed the survey, and the winners are: Vinusha Tummala, Brian Keady, Samantha Davidson, Matthew Davis, Frank Pauling, and Nicole Curcio. Contact Alan MacDougall by email at [email protected] to arrange to pick up your iPod.

Thank you!