A Message from the Editor…

Elizabeth Field

It’s been an interesting year here at the Charger Bulletin! As you may have noticed, many changes have been instituted in the last few issues, the most important being the creation of new editor positions which have been taken up by four dedicated members of our staff.

I think the most noticeable difference has been the makeover of our sports page (and I promise you this has nothing to do with Liana or I.)

It sure has helped having someone who actually understands sports dictate the page, and Tyler D’amore has taken it to another level. I couldn’t be more pleased to see a page with sports jargon I don’t understand, although it makes it very difficult for us to edit. Did you know there is such a thing as a field goal in basketball? Don’t judge me.

Furthermore, there are some very noticeable changes in other sections of this issue. This has been hailed as “The Entertainment Issue” for no other reason than that Entertainment Editors Cameron Hines and Katerina Sperl have created so much valuable content this week that we had no choice but to expand to four pages!

This week you may also notice an absence of editorial content by Liana and I. Nadine Northway, our Opinions Editor has worked around the clock to get the UNH student voice represented in the paper.

I sincerly hope that you enjoy the interesting stories and opinions on this page and others, but moreso I hope that you recognize the hardwork and dedication of the Charger Bulletin staff who are working harder than ever, despite us inching closer and closer to finals, in order to create news and entertainment for your enjoyment.

As always, we welcome all comments and considerations from our readers. This is a student newspaper for YOU! See something you don’t like? Have an awesome idea for an article? Don’t hesitate to stop on by or shoot us an e-mail.

-Elizabeth Field