A Little Respect


Last week I spoke about the election and how I didn’t know who was going to win by the time I wrote my article. This week I can say that the next president of the United States has been chosen. President-elect Obama has made the election a historic one by becoming the first African American president.

I was very happy to see that Obama never once used his race as a campaign tool or as a selling point to try and persuade people to cast their vote for him. However, as much as race was not a big factor in the election, once he was elected it became an issue. Right here on our campus students used racial slurs and outbursts to disrespect both our new president as well as some of our own students. I like to think that this university is very diverse and does a wonderful job of being open to each others ideals and values. I think its time we make sure everyone is following those principles and respecting each other.