A Letter from the USGA President: NSSE Survey

Scott Kazar

Seniors and First Year Students,

One of the great things about being a student here at the University of New Haven is the chance to make an impact. We are large enough to have 165 clubs and organizations, strong athletic programs, amazing faculty and staff, and a strong alumni network. Yet, we are small enough where every individual can voice their opinion, make a difference, and make this campus and community a better place, in some way. The University of New Haven believes that every opinion counts. And right now, we want to hear yours.

Starting in February, the university will be sending out the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) – this survey is done every three to four years, and it is time for UNH to do it again. The NSSE is administered to First Year Students and to Seniors, and asks a series of questions to gauge student participation in and perception of programs and activities that UNH provides for learning and personal development. The results let UNH know just how undergraduate students spend their time and what they gain from attending the school. Additionally, it lets UNH know what it is doing well, what it is not, and provides suggestions for what UNH can do to meet student needs.

Starting in mid-February, all First Years and Seniors will receive an email to their UNH inbox providing information and access to the survey. It is very important that you open the email, read it, and click on the link so you can take the survey.  It’s that easy.  Not only will you provide UNH with some great feedback, you also get to make your opinion count.  And if that’s not enough, you can win a brand new iPad2, as well as a host of other prizes.  As a Senior this year, you know I’m taking the survey!

I hope you will all join me in taking the NSSE, and in making our opinions count.

Scott Kazar, ‘12

USGA President