A Few Important RecSports Changes

Kat Wilberding

Season 4 of REC Sports is underway and the competition is as energized as ever. As the season wraps up the final whole month of school, be sure you don’t miss a game.

Hopefully you have seen the signs and are checking the website because a drastically new schedule for Wednesday’s Group X classes started up last week. Chiseled has moved from Wednesdays to Tuesday nights (6:45pm – 7:30pm), and Step Aerobics has been taken off Wednesday’s schedule. As always make sure you check the website for the latest updates.

Speaking of updates, the Beckerman Recreation Center will be closing early this Friday, Apr. 9, for the annual staff award banquet. The facility will be closing at 4 pm. Also, next week on Saturday, Apr. 17 the Beckerman Recreation Center will be closed for the annual Alumni Scholarship Ball. Saturday Group X classes will be canceled on that day. We apologize for any inconvenience.

As April comes into full swing this week, the Beckerman Recreation Center will continue to provide a large host of activities, programs, and equipment to keep up the energy. As the grind of classes continues, take a break and stop by!