A Farewell to the University of New Haven

A Farewell to the University of New Haven

On March 24, I had two hours to pack my belongings and say goodbye to the University of New Haven campus. I emptied out what was my room in Celentano Hall for about two months, walked to the German Club to return my room key, and took one last look at the Bixler/Gerber Quad. When I moved into Bixler Hall my freshman year, I would have never imagined my college experience would end this way.

After spending the fall semester on the Tuscany Campus, I looked forward to finishing my senior year in West Haven. I pictured myself sitting in the Marketplace complaining about Sodexo, pulling my hair out while directing the Charger Bulletin News in the television studio, and being hit by the smell of fresh cookies as soon as I stepped into the Recharge Store. I enjoyed these moments for some time, but unfortunately it was all cut short.

To end my last semester at the university sooner than planned was heartbreaking. There was so much left to do. There was Spring Weekend, Charger Bulletin end of the year party, Senior Week, and of course Commencement. There were more karaoke nights left with my friends in Forest Hills, where we would hope we wouldn’t hear a knock from the RA. There were more corny jokes left to be said in the videography editing room in Maxcy Hall.

Although I often think about what was lost, I always reflect on what I gained in the last four years. I became more independent by living on campus and studying abroad. I stepped out of my comfort zone by becoming managing editor of the Charger Bulletin and producer of the Charger Bulletin News. I also met some incredible people that turned into family.

I can proudly say the university helped shape me into the woman and professional I am today. I owe much of my growth to two professors in particular. Two professors who do not base their commitment to students on a syllabus or paycheck, but on their passion for their profession and teaching.

I began my journey of being a television production major terrified because I knew absolutely nothing. That all changed when I stepped into my studio fundamentals course with Wayne Edwards. I believe I speak on behalf of all of his students when I say that when you are learning with Wayne, you do not feel like you are learning from a professor, but from a true mentor. He provides a safe environment to make mistakes and grow. Whether it is by building on your ideas instead of tearing them down, or by cheering you on by throwing fist bumps in the air during your productions, Wayne encourages you and helps you believe in your work. He goes the extra mile to see his students succeed, such as by taking the time to create new graphics and animations and sit down with you to go through all of the steps of a production. So thank you Wayne for your encouragement, dedication, and, most importantly, extended patience.

My sophomore year I decided to add journalism as a second concentration, and again I had no idea what I was doing. The first story I handed in to Susan Campbell she returned with so many red marks that I probably thought my career was over before it even started. However, she wrote “Really good job on it. Don’t let the red frighten you.” The articles that followed were the same. They were covered in red, but had positive feedback at the bottom of the page. I cannot count the amount of times that I turned in a piece thinking that it was absolute garbage, but received an applauding email from Campbell. She is capable of slaughtering your work, but still make you feel good about it. Although she does not hesitate to bring out her claws when need be, she is one of the most warm-hearted journalists and professors you could ever meet. On April 4, 2018, I received an email saying “I see a bright future ahead of you. Well done, Corina.” I took a screenshot and have it saved to this day. Making Campbell proud is an accomplishment and a reward all in its own. Thank you Campbell for constantly seeing my potential and helping me believe in my abilities as a journalist.

I thank you both, the university, my friends, and my family for giving me four of the most stressful, yet memorable years of my life thus far.