A Dream Come True

Samantha Mathewson

On Saturday, Oct. 6, SCOPE hosted dream catchers and henna tattoos in the Bartels programing space.

The Party People Inc. sponsored the event and taught students to weave dream catchers and gave out various henna tattoos.

There is a very unique method to weaving a dream catcher. Students were given a circular base in which they would wrap and knot string around in a specific pattern. It was advised to weave it five times around the base, creating a hexagon in the middle, and then continue working inwards tying to the previous round out string, making an intricate pattern that would be able to catch all dreams.

However, it was not as easy as it sounds. “I got lost after the first tie, and couldn’t make a pattern. It didn’t turn out well, but the Party People were very encouraging regardless,” said Caitlin Izzo, a sophomore at UNH.

Another student trying with great determination was afraid hers would not be catching any dreams anytime soon either.

When students completed their dream catchers, they could attach feathers and beads to it. One student was being creative and hung three pieces of string from the bottom of theirs with live, laugh and love written in alphabet beads. Another student made a UNH-themed dream catcher using blue beads and yellow feathers.

At the second table, there was a long line for henna tattoos. A Party People Inc. employee used a stencil to paint a temporary tattoo of the student’s choice where they desired. Participants had the choice of plain or colored tattoos.

It was a great way to spend the night with a fun craft, and it is something students can use to decorate their dorm! SCOPE hosted another great event that got students out of their dorms and involved on campus.