A breakdown of the university’s various news sources

With the Weekly Roundup, Weekly Gallop, Charger Nation News, Charger Blog, Charlie’s Event Roundup and the Charger Bulletin, students at the university have multiple methods of receiving campus-related news.

Matthew McCullough, executive director of digital services, and Renée Chmiel, digital content producer, explained the distinction between each source..

Although they are very similar and somewhat interchangeable, each new source does hold its own unique duty. The Weekly Roundup and Weekly Gallop are typically more geared towards announcements and upcoming events at the university.

McCullough and Chmiel said that the Blog covers soft news pieces, whereas Charger Nation News covers the hard news.

“We just wanted to give [the students] a chance to see some good news that they might not be reading on if they don’t go to the website,” said McCullough.

McCullough said that although the university is not as big as neighboring schools, such as Yale University or the University of Connecticut, there are still a lot of good things going on that should be highlighted.

“This is a way for us to let people know about it and get the story out there,” said Chmiel.

The main difference between those new sources and the Charger Bulletin is that McCullough and Chmiel work for the university and specialize in public relations. This differs from a journalistic source like the Charger Bulletin, which covers any event considered newsworthy––good and bad––whereas their jobs are to highlight the best of what the university community is doing. Despite this, although not publicizing it, they work behind the scenes to resolve any negative reports or complaints heard.

Chmiel said, “We are not here to put out bad things out there about the university, I mean we are the marketing department, right? We are not doing that.”

As a part of marketing, McCullough said that these sources, along with the Charger Bulletin and Charger Bulletin News, are showcased to prospective students. They hope that these new sources continue to give value to the school and its positive reputation.

The two encourage students to reach out and pitch any stories to get involved.

“Bring all stories,” said McCullough, “If people have things, whether they bring it to Charger Bulletin, whether they bring it to our office—we just want to know about the things and what’s happening.”

If interested in writing for any of these new sources please reach out to McCullough at [email protected], Chmiel at [email protected] or the Charger Bulletin at [email protected].