A Better Beanhouse

Angela Eklund

Beanhouse was swarming Wednesday night with live talent from all over campus and students eager to listen in. But it definitely could’ve been better.

Beanhouse is a place where regulars can sip coffee and connect with other musicians while waiting to perform their own songs or songs of those they esteem to be like. The audience plays their role as a sound board to gage what UNH students are interested in.

Once the microphones are turned up and the guitar strings are tuned, the crowd turns its attention from the tasty but dry cake being served to the makeshift stage. This area serves as a spotlight for aspiring artists. (And a solid strategy to distract from the dryness of the cake).

The quality of the artists is not in question: the acts performed well and proved that UNH is not just for CJ students. But each act seemed like it was stretched out to make the program longer, and there is not a time limit on the performances. Also, some attendants said they would like to see variety at Beanhouse. Guitar is a staple in acoustic performances, but what happened to piano or flute or rap or jazz? What happened to comedy or skits or poetry? When asked about other Beanhouses, students often said this event was their first this semester.

Hearing a variety of performances might be more entertaining than the same Dave Mathews Band covers.

Beanhouse may seem like a festival for guys with long hair, button downs, and acoustic guitars, but it should be open for every kind of performance.