5 Movies that Deserve the 3D Conversion

Cameron Hines

With so many movies being rereleased in 3D, it seems inevitable to fight movie studios’ attempts to get some extra money out of their older movies. While some of these rereleases have benefited from the special movie sunglasses, such as Titanic, others don’t seem to really need the conversion (looking at you Beauty and the Beast). So without further ado, here are five movies I feel would benefit from a GOOD 3D rerelease.

AP Photo

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: It seems natural to expect that since The Hobbit worked so well in 3D, so too would Peter Jackson’s original trilogy. Whether there are arrows flying at the screen, Nazguls on their dragon things, or one of the many epic battles, I can see myself paying to see the movies again in theaters, and Peter Jackson has also announced that he has an interest in perhaps doing a rerelease.

2. The Matrix: The original (and best) of the trilogy broke so much ground with the way movie makers did visual effects and the way stoners envisioned reality. Though the other two films in the franchise aren’t necessarily the best, seeing the original back on screen would be a great opportunity.

3. Raiders of the Lost Arc: Another classic that’s begging for a rerelease. Half of the pull of this would to simply be able to see Raiders on the big screen. But the scope of the movie is so massive and the scenes would benefit greatly from 3D. I hate using the word, but it would really be an immersive experience. Whip-cracking, one-liners and snakes, all in glorious 3D.

4. Empire Strikes Back: George Lucas has already tried to rerelease his coveted films in 3D, but the real one itching for a 3D rerelease (besides Revenge of the Sith) is Episode 5. Just thinking about the attack on Hoth in 3D is giving me goose bumps. Plus, 3D old puppet Yoda Jedi lessons.

5. The Incredibles: With all of the Pixar rereleases, it seems only natural that the most action packed one would get the 3D treatment. The 3D would add a great deal of awesomeness to the movie, including the scenes with the Omnidroid, the plane explosion, and the fight in the woods.