5 Great Science Fiction Movies

Cameron Hines

To celebrate the opening of the new sci-fi movie Oblivion, here is a list of five excellent science fiction movies.

5. WALL-E (2008): A great movie has not only a political warning but also a humanity, and this film’s humanity rests, ironically, in one little robot who wants nothing more than to hold hands with his lady robot friend. The robot, WALL-E, is in charge of cleaning up an uninhabitable Earth, but one day discovers that the planet is capable of sustaining life. Beautiful visuals with a pure and sweet romance make this an excellent film

4. Alien (1979): You don’t realize just how influential this movie has been on popular culture until you finally watch it. It set the standard for not only a good horror film but also a good sci-fi movie. After coming in contact with alien life, the crew of a spaceship must survive its vicious attacks.

3. Back to the Future 1-3 (1985, 1989, 1990): The trilogy is the epitome of what you want from a summer blockbuster: funny, well done and smart. The film is the most definitive take on time travel and explains it better than any other movie. On top of that, you have Christopher Lloyd as the crazy doctor. This movie series must be watched all in one sitting for the true experience.

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991): Back before his ego was bloated, James Cameron was making superb sci-fi flicks, one after the other. The sequel to The Terminator is a smidge better than the original because of how it takes its source material and turns it upside down. But it still retains the same personal feeling the original had.

1. District 9 (2009): In the wake of what was supposed to be the Halo movie, Peter Jackson used the money to finance this gem of a sci-fi film that acts as an allegorical warning to racism in Africa. Leading man Sharlto Copley, though phenomenal in this, hasn’t been seeing much action in Hollywood since, but he is a standout here.