3OH!3 and Crystal Clear Rock Homecoming Concert

This year’s homecoming concert was headlined by the electronic duo 3OH!3, comprised of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte and based out of Colorado. They are best known for their single “Don’t Trust Me,” which debuted on the Billboard 100 chart at number seven in 2008 and went triple platinum in 2009.

Crystal Clear, a group of University of New Haven students opened the show. They sang a five song set which included a cover of Panic! At the Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which really had the crowd dancing and singing along, and ready to hear 3OH!3. 

Nicole Rivera
Crystal Clear performs at the homecoming concert.


3OH!3 arrived to the stage with high energy and, at times throughout the set, synchronized dancing. The duo made a point of  communicating with the crowd. During the first song, Motte went out into the crowd to sing with the students. They joked throughout the set about how weird they can make the evening with their dancing. They performed some of their other greatest hits including “My First Kiss” and “Starstuckk.” The crowd enjoyed the upbeat tracks and dancing to the groups throwback hits.

During their song “Colorado Sunrise” they asked the crowd to hold up their phone lights to mimic a sunrise. Motte continually referred to the crowd as Chargers, and he even wore the homecoming shirt that was given out to the students that attended the show. Motte even asked the crowd “Who else got these flossy shirts?”.    

Anna Downs
3OH!3 performs at homecoming concert.

The duo spoke very comically throughout the set making everyone smile and laugh. Before their last song they performed, “Don’t Trust Me,” they both tossed out set lists to fans. At the end of their set both Motte and Foreman shook hands with students and took selfies.

“I’ll be serious I have been having a lot of anxiety this past month just about life. It is good to be upfront and honest about it because a lot of people battle with anxiety, and I came here today and I was happy to be here, but I think I had a real moment of realization,” Foreman told The Charger Bulletin after the show. “I felt elated to be here and the anxiety sort of went away on the stage. Seeing everyone out here and love being reciprocated back and forth on the stage it felt really good. I think it is an important message it’s something that I never really faced before so I just encourage people if they are dealing with anxiety or any other problems to reach out to people and their friends because support and reciprocation is the best thing.”  

It is great to have such a positive reaction from from not only the students, but the artists as well.